Welcome to the new John Fairhurst website

Welcome to the new website, this has all the information on upcoming shows, releases, videos and any other projects I am working on . If you aren’t part of the mailing list please sign up and I’ll keep you posted about anything new. Hope you enjoy.


3 comments on “Welcome to the new John Fairhurst website”

  1. Capt Baz says:

    Caught you on the tadpole stage early mon morning late sun night.
    I had worked all day on my stall and was closed up and out for a late night stroll and came across you at the tadlepole Fucking great made my festival best thing i have seen for along time,took me back to Glastonbury/Henge Early 80s,
    i wish you all well,and i’ll keep an Eye out for anymore of your gigs.
    UP the Pinks. Capt Baz

    1. admin says:

      Nice one, and much thanks! Really enjoyed that night at the tadpole, my favourite of the 9 gigs we did.



  2. taboccawn says:

    Magnificent idea

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