Salty Waters

The John Fairhurst Band

The John Fairhurst Band

Toby Murray: Drums         John Fairhurst: Guitar and Vocals            Pete Episcopo: Bass

My new album “Salt Water” will be out in October. A new sound….. yet faithful to my roots. Songs that I needed to get out of my head and  with a little help from some good friends this is how we made it.

DSC_0109 DSC_0115

In October 2013 I started recording some tracks in Bristol at a studio located in a massive warehouse belonging to Nathan Evans and Luke Barter. Toby “Bang” Murray laid down some grooves to a few ideas that I wanted to develop. I had been wanting to return to electric guitars for quite a while and once I plugged in…. music just started flowing through me. So I picked up the phone and called my good mate  and producer of the “Hungry Blues” EP Alex Beitzke (pictured above) to come over and listen to some of the tracks we’d recorded and …. Boom! We knew immediately we had something special. Luke Barter laid down the bass on a couple of the tracks and Joe Strouzer added his harmonica and the first full recordings since Hungry Blues were in full swing:

Nathan and Luke were still renovating the studio and installing new equipment, we didn’t know how the recordings would actually sound but the drum takes had a real whack to them and we were in business.

My good mate Ben Dowden came along to Nathan and Luke’s Studio in Bristol and shot a video of this little ditty “Black Cat” which will appear on the new album.

It was a frantic period running in between rehearsals, recording sessions and fishing off all the gigs I had booked for the last two months of the year either solo or with Joe Strouzer.  A tour of Ireland with Joe and some great gigs alone supporting Ana Popovic and Heymoonshaker in France… I knew the resonator days would soon be fewer and fewer and that from then on electric guitar would be first fiddle

Yann5 Yann30Yann50Merci’ beaucoup to Yann De La Calle for these pics

After laying the drums and the main guitars for the album in Bristol we moved to Dean Street Studios in Soho to save vocals and overdubs for posterity. Recording with Alex is always loads of fun and I didn’t mind having a go at a few of the guitars they have at Dean Street.

IMG_4801       IMG_4816

This Gretsch hidden in Alex’s lair was such a peach I decided to get my own.

So I did:





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