The Custom Cigar Box Interview


The wonderful Custom Cigar Box Guitar by Drummond and Hammett, Bristol

Thank you very much to Pat Hammett and Tom Drummond of the Drummond & Hammett custom guitars manufacturers in Bristol for allowing me to play with their wicked Custom Cigar Box guitars. T’was a real treat. Thank you gentlemen.

Gratitude aplenty to Mr John Morgan, Gideon Thomas, Michael Sides and Ryan Morgan of Bristol Roots who came around to document it all.

Check out the interview and me going up and down the neck of those guitars as if it were a bride’s nighty. I reveal the story of how my dad has been subliminally manipulating me straight out of the maternity ward and barely stopped since. And you also get to see me applying a bottleneck to the aforementioned cigar boxes and turn the Marshall to 11. 

It’s all on the Bristol Roots website.

Cheers lads.


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