The Beat beneath my Feet @ The Berlin Film Berlinale

We are very happy to announce that Scoop Film’s production  “The Beat beneath my Feet” is going to be taking part in The International Berlin Film Biennale 

11/02 17:00 Haus der Kulturen der Welt

12/02 15:30 Zoo Palast 1

14/02 17:30 Cinamax 1

15/02 16:30 Cinemax 3

Tickets for the first and second screenings go on sale on 8th Feb and the third and fourth screenings will go on sale on 10th and 11th respectively. The Haus der Kulturen der Welt is a glorious one thousand seater and we hope the audience will get a nice little shock when “No Shelter” hits them in Dolby Surround.

“Obnox Stomp”, “No Shelter”, “I’m Coming Home”, “Hungry Blues’, ” On the Run”, “Big Dig” all appear on the soundtrack. The film is directed by John Williams who has gained fame filming for Radiohead; it stars Luke Perry, Lisa Dillon, Nicholas Galizine.

Here’s a link to the trailer:

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