Saltwater out on Monday 20th October


Here we go Ladies and Gentlemen, Saltwater is out on Monday October 20th.

You can download it on iTunes or even better you can download it or order a CD from my Bandcamp Page




The new video “No Shelter” will be out on Monday for the rest of the world BUT it will be available for all our mailing list members

on Friday 17th at 5:00 pm through my newsletter. Courtesy of Paulie Cocadiz and Dave Prosser for another great video.

The album Launch Party will take place at The Blues Kitchen in Camden on Thursday 30th October followed by a matinee gig at

The Camden Jazz Cafe on November 1st at 12:00 for the Nightmare on Camden High Street Festival. We will be selling CDs at the gigs so

if you come along come and get one and we’ll have it signed by the whole band.

Check all details on the gigs page.

Peace and Love to all



‘Breakdown’ on Classic Rock track of the week!

Well, well, have a look here then!

The first single “Breakdown” from the forthcoming album “Saltwater” has made it onto Classic Rock Magazine’s Tracks of the week.

Saltwater is to be released on October 20th and we will have a Record Launch party at the Blues Kitchen in Camden on October 30th.

Come taste the band ….

“The Beat beneath my Feet” Premiers at London Raindance Festival


On Thursday September 25th and Saturday October 4th “The Beat beneath my Feet” will premier at London’s Raindance Festival.

I’ve got six tunes on this film: “Hungry Blues”, “On the Run”, “Big Dig”, “Obnox Stomp” and from the forthcoming new album; “No Shelter” and “I’m coming home”. I would like to thank first of all Paul Cartledge and Phil Jewson of Yellowboat Music who from their lair in Dean Street tipped my music to Scoop Films. Thanks to Michael Muller, Raj Sharma, Fiona Gillies and Mike Storey at Scoop Films for picking the tunes.

Here is an Interview from Luke Perry‘s official page where he discusses his character in the film and his love for Rock Music


Download “Breakdown” the first single from the new album “Saltwater”


… If you digged the video, you can now buy “Breakdown” the first single from the forthcoming album “Saltwater”

It is available on my Bandcamp page here from my website:

or for you iTunes shoppers at:

The Album release party is set for October 30th at The Blues Kitchen in Camden, I’ll be playing with Joe Driscoll and Heymoonshaker so anyone passing by London Town is welcome to come for a jar and some great tunes.

Gonna be recording a video for the second single which will appear as one of the leading songs on “The Beat beneath my Feet” Luke Perry’s latest film.  Exciting times… More news shortly.








“Breakdown” The Video of the first Single.


Check out the video for my first single “Breakdown” from the Album “Saltwater”

Filmed amongst some of Bristol’s darkest alleys, rooftops, stairwells, toilets and the Kingsdown Wine Vaults.

The song “Breakdown” is the album opener and will be available to all from our website on Monday, August 18th. The new album “Saltwater” will be released in October.

A big thanks to Becky Bell and Ben Hooper for filming, directing and editing it.

A great thanks to Alex Beitzke and Nathan Evans for recording and producing, to Emma Divine and the Dean Street Choir not to mention Joe Strouzer, Toby Murray, Pete Episcopo, Luke Barter and Tim Louden.



The Custom Cigar Box Interview


The wonderful Custom Cigar Box Guitar by Drummond and Hammett, Bristol

Thank you very much to Pat Hammett and Tom Drummond of the Drummond & Hammett custom guitars manufacturers in Bristol for allowing me to play with their wicked Custom Cigar Box guitars. T’was a real treat. Thank you gentlemen.

Gratitude aplenty to Mr John Morgan, Gideon Thomas, Michael Sides and Ryan Morgan of Bristol Roots who came around to document it all.

Check out the interview and me going up and down the neck of those guitars as if it were a bride’s nighty. I reveal the story of how my dad has been subliminally manipulating me straight out of the maternity ward and barely stopped since. And you also get to see me applying a bottleneck to the aforementioned cigar boxes and turn the Marshall to 11. 

It’s all on the Bristol Roots website.

Cheers lads.


Glastonbury 2014


The Road to Glastonbury 2014




Well, well folks, the first leg of the Summer Tour has gone down nicely, thanks to you all for coming along and digging’ the tunes from the new album. The build up to Glastonbury was great; The Reverend Toby Murray, Pete Episcopo and myself caught the ferry over to Ireland at the end of May for the Irish Biker Fest in Kilkenny. Got to party with the Hell’s Angels and miraculously still alive to tell the tale. Love Ireland. The treat was squeezing in some time to go fishing with the reverend.

Fishing in Kilkenny


Will be back in Ireland for the Cork Jazz Festival on October 25th and 26th and some more dates will be announced soon. Keep an eye on our gigs page.

The kick off was playing at the Harley Davidson Festival in Biograd, Croatia. Flew over with Toby and jammed with Tom Swann on bass. A lot of Hendrix was played, Red House was a belter.


Harley, Croatia

Harley, Croatia

Biograd, Croatia

       Biograd, Croatia, Harley Festival 

Back to Bristol, working on the post production for the new album “Salt Water”. My producer Alex Beitzke sent the files off for mastering to Mr Ray Staff (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Clash) we can’t wait to hear the results. Will have to go through mastering twice as we will be doing our very bests to get Salt Water out in vinyl too.

Rehearsals in Bristol at Nathan Evan’s Studio to finalise our Glastonbury set and we were ready to go. Loud and heavy, just as we like it. Pete “Chewbacca” Episcopo got back on bass after holidays in Italy and was in pensive mood. For a while….




Less subtlety was to be expected from Mr Murray








We soon got going……





Glastonbury 2014 has been my best so far…. 4 gigs; two acoustic at the Small World and Green Fields, and two with my lads at the Rum Shack and the beautiful people at the Bimble Inn. Two Radio interviews too; with Suzy from Glasto Radio and Jazz FM so a good balance between work and fun and with producer Alex and band manager Fabio “Petrovic” Suttle in the equation It was bound to be carnage.

Lovely spot at the top of the Park with view overlooking the madness. Chris from Jazz FM came over to our hilltop for the interview






Friday afternoon at the Green Fields was an unlucky one; Dan Tsu from Lyrix Organix had made a lot of effort to promote our show and make us feel at home but 5 minutes before my acoustic set…. well, the heavens broke loose. Thunder, Lighting and the circus came to a halt as they powered down the electricity for the whole Festival. Ouch. Lovely rainbow, mind you.



Pete, Toby, the lovely Hannah Jones, and myself happily oblivious of the approaching storm before the Green Fields gig. Thought I’d felt in my bones.








There was no pulling back from the Rum Shack gig, and a belter it was too. The last of the bad luck materialised when I shredded two strings during a busy rendition of the opening song “Who you Foolin’?”. Fortunately Mr Beitzke was there and re-strung my Les Paul while the crowd head banged away to the next tune. Lots of you bought copies of the Hungry Blues EP! Thanks folks. Hope you liked it. I bet you’ll dig Salt Water even more.


The Rum Shack, Glastonbury 27th June, 2014









That was some of the best fun I ever had with my pants on. Which meant we made it back by……




Saturday was an acoustic gig at the Small World tent, very chilled atmosphere and got to play some Delta Blues and Indian Ragas to the lovely people who were sprawled out under the canopy.




The sins from the night before made me miss Jack White at the Pyramid stage. Toby, Pete, Alex and Count Dracula Fabio attended religiously and did say I missed one hell of a show. Hoping to catch him on his UK tour this Autumn.

On Sunday we got a call to go and play The Glade stage as the artist who had been booked wasn’t given a UK visa in time for the show. Great stage  and a lot of people stopped by once they heard some slide guitar licks played on my Resonator. Most came back to see me close the Bimble Inn on Sunday Night with the rest of the band. Some dude kept coming on stage to help out with some air guitar. We must have touched the right spot.




The Bimble Inn, Glastonbury

The Bimble Inn, Glastonbury


The Bimble Inn, Glastonbury

The Bimble Inn, Glastonbury








Thanks to all who came to see us, bought the CDs and joined our news letter. We’ve already been invited to play Glastonbury 2015!  We’ve got the Cock and Bull Festival, Bimble Bandada, Shambala, Beautiful Days, Small World and the Bestival lined up for the rest of Summer 2014.




Salt Water with most of the tunes we are playing live will be out in October so keep tuned in. Guess how I recovered from it all…..



Peace and Love to all.


Salty Waters

The John Fairhurst Band

The John Fairhurst Band

Toby Murray: Drums         John Fairhurst: Guitar and Vocals            Pete Episcopo: Bass

My new album “Salt Water” will be out in October. A new sound….. yet faithful to my roots. Songs that I needed to get out of my head and  with a little help from some good friends this is how we made it.

DSC_0109 DSC_0115

In October 2013 I started recording some tracks in Bristol at a studio located in a massive warehouse belonging to Nathan Evans and Luke Barter. Toby “Bang” Murray laid down some grooves to a few ideas that I wanted to develop. I had been wanting to return to electric guitars for quite a while and once I plugged in…. music just started flowing through me. So I picked up the phone and called my good mate  and producer of the “Hungry Blues” EP Alex Beitzke (pictured above) to come over and listen to some of the tracks we’d recorded and …. Boom! We knew immediately we had something special. Luke Barter laid down the bass on a couple of the tracks and Joe Strouzer added his harmonica and the first full recordings since Hungry Blues were in full swing:

Nathan and Luke were still renovating the studio and installing new equipment, we didn’t know how the recordings would actually sound but the drum takes had a real whack to them and we were in business.

My good mate Ben Dowden came along to Nathan and Luke’s Studio in Bristol and shot a video of this little ditty “Black Cat” which will appear on the new album.

It was a frantic period running in between rehearsals, recording sessions and fishing off all the gigs I had booked for the last two months of the year either solo or with Joe Strouzer.  A tour of Ireland with Joe and some great gigs alone supporting Ana Popovic and Heymoonshaker in France… I knew the resonator days would soon be fewer and fewer and that from then on electric guitar would be first fiddle

Yann5 Yann30Yann50Merci’ beaucoup to Yann De La Calle for these pics

After laying the drums and the main guitars for the album in Bristol we moved to Dean Street Studios in Soho to save vocals and overdubs for posterity. Recording with Alex is always loads of fun and I didn’t mind having a go at a few of the guitars they have at Dean Street.

IMG_4801       IMG_4816

This Gretsch hidden in Alex’s lair was such a peach I decided to get my own.

So I did: